About Us

Our mission at Fresh® is simple. To make all natural products for men that smell great and are free from harmful ingredients. The problem with a lot of popular natural bar soaps on the market is they do not last very long. Sure, they may be natural but they melt away fast and are not worth the money. Some even have instructions to pat the bar of soap dry and store it in a cool dry place! Men should not have to treat their soaps like small children or pets. We knew men want a natural brand of soap that has a great manly scent, but lasts just as long as a traditional bar. Now that we knew the problem, Fresh® set out to find a solution to giving men the benefits of natural products that last at a reasonable price.


The Problem

Natural Ingredients Taken Out of Soaps

During World War 1 German scientists created a new form of "soap" made with various synthetic compounds due to a shortage of soap making supplies. Detergents were born as a result of this. and as a result, detergents were born. Most "soaps" that are sold today commercially are really detergents made with petroleum and petroleum by products, along with other harmful ingredients such as parabens.

The Great Soap Lie

Most Soap in Fact, is Not Soap

In the United States, since these products are not actually soap but detergents, they cannot by law even be called soaps. That is why all traditional manufacturers call them a "bath bar" or "body bar" since it is not even soap at all. These sneaky commercial "soap" makers even figured out that if they remove the natural moisturizing glycerin in soap, they could then sell it back to you in the form of lotions and creams (more petroleum products) after their soap dried out your skin.

The Solution

Fresh® Natural Soaps

Fresh® was born after traditional brands have been stripping us of natural ingredients from our personal care products for decades. At the same time they have been stripping our skin of its moisture with their harsh chemicals to make products cheaper and sell us back the moisture. Fresh® set out to make products with natural ingredients and manly scents that last just as long as these chemical detergent bars, but without the parabens and chemicals. Turns out that was no easy task, as the chemicals and removal of glycerin is actually what makes these bars last so long. After a lot of formula trial and errors, the solution (along with a trade secret formula) was to triple mill our soaps. This ensures our soap bars last 3 times longer than the leading men's soap. The result is a long lasting natural bar of soap that moisturizes and nourishes skin and leaves you smelling great!

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    Bar Soap

    Fresh® soaps can make a fantastic addition for the bathroom and are available in many scents so that you smell like a man. We offer a subscription that we guarantee will ship fast to any part of the country, to save you money and give you added convenience.

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    Body Wash

    If you choose to instead wash your skin with body wash, we got you covered with these items as well. Our body washes are made with the best natural ingredients to leave your skin feeling clean and smelling fresh.

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    Get your hands on our line of all natural men's deodorant in one of our great scents. Our deodorants have the added benefits of probiotics to give you more results, helping to control bacteria, resulting in less odor.

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    Hair Care

    Cleanse and condition your hair and scalp with Fresh® hair care natural products. Our shampoos and conditioners are specially formulated for men with only the finest natural ingredients. Rest assured we never use harsh, harmful chemicals. See what your next shower has in store, as you sooth your hair with with the refreshing naturally derived scent of Caribbean Water.

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    Checkout Fresh® natural toothpaste formulated specifically for men. Lead your morning routine with with our toothpaste that is free from chemicals, sulphates and parabens, and leave your mouth feeling fresh and clean. Fresh® natural toothpaste will ship direct to you anywhere in the county. Choose our subscription for a better price and monthly delivery.

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    Be the first to get your hands on Fresh® men's razors infused with our fresh Caribbean Waters scent. Our razors and blades will be in stock soon. Chose subscription at checkout for monthly delivery of our razor blades.